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Work Life Balance

Work-Life Balance Solutions for Women in Business.

Many women leave the corporate world to work for themselves so that they can create a more flexible way of life. Being self-employed may give you more freedom to spend with your family, but doesn’t always give you more time.

It’s hard sometimes to stay motivated, and to feel that you are getting somewhere, when you are running your own business.

You may have invested your hard earned cash, learnt new skills, or had a career break and are now balancing the demands of raising a child, with trying to make money on your own.


I know because I’ve been there. It’s just the determination that I will succeed, that has kept me going at times. There are lots of obstacles to overcome (many of the emotional obstacles I’ve found to be my own). I recognise this, and so have included true stories to inspire you, and to keep you motivated, by seeing the highs and lows that other people have experienced in running their own simpler business.

I hope Simpler Life will inspire you to carry on when the going gets tough – as we all go through the same ups and downs. I want to empower you with life coaching articles and help boost your energy, keep your mind, body and soul in balance through links to excellent tools, tips and services in the relaxation and health areas of the site.

My aim is to give you the resources to achieve your goals, both personally, and professionally.