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Many women leave the corporate world and create a more flexible way of life by working for themselves. Being self-employed may give you more freedom to raise your family, but often doesn’t give you a great income or more time. When you want to work on your own terms and get the lifestyle you want, I show you how to make work-life simpler by working smarter, not harder. I help you to build an efficient business to share your ideas with the largest audience at the maximum profit and in the minimum amount of time and struggle.

what will you discover?

Simplicity – how to use technology to automate the day to day running of your business and to deliver your portfolio of products whilst you are sleeping, spending time with your kids or meeting with clients.

Clarity – know the value you offer and the value of the results you are able to deliver and promote the results that are most in demand so that you stop over delivering and under charging and wasting your precious time.

Focus – raise your profile through talking directly to the people that you are most passionate about helping so that they see you as the solution to their problems and they then contact you or buy your products online.

If you have got something great that others will benefit from, you shouldn’t hide it away. Julie helps you understand how you can sell with integrity, and serve others in the process.

Nick Williams, UK, http://www.inspired-entrepreneur.com


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