Hello I am Julie Roman

Julie Roman

Is this you?

You have taken the plunge and started your own life coaching business. You’ve saved some seed money but spent most of it (on the advice of your web designer) on a brochure-style website. The rest of the money has gone on costly advertising.

Tired businesswomanYou think you can’t sell and avoid networking meetings. You have few enquiries from your website and are struggling to keep your head above water. You are using your credit cards to stay afloat and sleeping badly at night.

You were successful in corporate life and your lack of success is slowly eroding your confidence. You’ve tried everything you can think of to turn your business around. You feel passionate about trusting your gut feeling, but need quick results to keep your dream alive. You want to find the best options for the sales problems you are facing and to take action before it’s too late.

Life Coaching Telephone SessionYou know coaching is right for you. You’ll start believing in your abilities again. You’ll trust yourself and create a strategy to bring in more money. You’ll feel confident about starting conversations to get more clients. You’ll have a sounding board to help you.

Or is this you?

Part-Time-BusinessWomanYou run your own business. You work from home so that you can spend more time with your kids and you love the flexibility your business gives you. You have a problem though – you need more customers.

You have a website. You have printed some business cards and leaflets, which you’ve distributed locally. You need more people to be aware of what she can do for them – virtual admin – and to be able to sell your services to them more successfully.

Hate the hard sellYou hate the “hard sell”. You want to sell in a way you feel ok about. You don’t have the time to enrol on a coaching programme but you do need fast results. You can invest a few hours in a book that will give you the sales solutions you are looking for.

Are you?

  • Wanting to turn your business around?
  • Feeling your sales skills aren’t good enough to get you more clients?
  • Looking for ways to get more enquiries & orders from your website?

I will show you how to:

  • Price your products and services successfully
  • Avoid the ‘feast and famine’ times in business
  • Make more money from each customer relationship
  • Package and sell your own informational products
  • Develop a profitable website.

Discover how to align personality, business and sales. I offer expert advice and will fine-tune your skill in helping you in ‘selling the feminine way’.